Consent management

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small computer file or “tracer” collected as you browse (e.g. accessing emails, a website or mobile app) that is then deposited on your device, regardless of model or type (e.g. PC, smart phone, tablet, or video game console).

These files may contain different information such as a session identifier, language or browser history etc. They are mainly for offering personalised content and adverts and improving your online experience.


Subject to your preferences, cookies are collected and stored for a period of 13 months from collection. You can still clear them at any time.


What types of cookies are used when you browse this website?

Different types of tracers are used when you browse this website. These cookies may be deposited by Ski à la Carte or administrated by partners (e.g. audience measuring solution publishers and social networks).


Some cookies are essential for browsing the site and do not require your consent. These cookies are collected directly by us for:

  • Managing and securing your authentication on the website

  • Accessing certain online services, such as shopping basket validation

  • Measuring certain aspects of website performance for identifying browsing problems

  • Saving your setting preferences and consent for the collection of non-compulsory cookies


Collecting and reading other cookies requires your consent. These cookies are:

  • Functionality cookies for:

    • Adapting the website to your device’s display preferences (language, currency, display resolution, operating system used, display configuration and settings of website pages in accordance with the device you are using and its location etc.)

    • Memorising certain information that you enter on the site to make it easier to personalise subsequent browsing (e.g., displaying your first and last names when you have a user account and you have signed in)


  • Audience and performance monitoring cookies, helping us to understand your interaction with the website (pages most visited, journey, content browsed, applications used etc.) and process information collected on third-party websites. They enable us to produce statistics and improve relevance and ergonomics


  • Advertising cookies for:
    • Subsequently offering you relevant targeted content that might interest you when you are browsing the Internet (e.g. better offers and other destinations,) based on your areas of interest, browsing activity and preferences. And also providing you with offers for our products and services suited to your requirements

    • Restricting the number of times that adverts appear

If you refuse, adverts will continue to be displayed but will no longer be suited to your areas of interest

  • Affiliation cookies for identifying the original third-party website that redirected you to this website


  • Session cookies for authorising us to access your information located in third-party accounts if you wish to register quickly via your other accounts (e.g. Facebook, google and Apple).


  • Social network cookies, giving you the option of accessing our web pages, or sharing or liking information on our site, or accessing our social network pages, and giving the relevant social networks the option to follow your browsing activity on our site. We have no control over the usage of the data collected by these social networks, and we would ask you to read their confidentiality policies (see information below).


How do I accept, refuse or clear tracers?

You are asked to accept the collection and use of cookies when you first visit our website, then every 6 months after that. For this purpose, a central window displays on our website, requesting you to accept the collection of cookies and set your preferences (if you wish to modify them or refuse all or some of these cookies).

We would inform you that refusal may compromise your experience of our website. We therefore decline all responsibility for any consequences of such a refusal, including the absence of any offering of content suited to your browsing habits or preferences.


Nevertheless, whatever you decide, you may do the following at any time:

  • Change your settings in our cookie management tool, exclusively for cookies collected via our website

  • And/or clear tracers from your device via your browser, these preferences applying to all of your online browsing.


Helpful information about browser cookie settings:

Most browsers are set to accept the use of all cookies and tracers by default. You may change the settings in order to select tracers that you agree to use or refuse tracers. You need to configure the settings on each of your devices (PC, tablet, smart phone, etc.).


Tracer setting and clearance procedures vary between browsers. The procedure is described in your browser help menu. These are the tracer setting procedures for the most common browsers:


We would remind you that if you decide to clear all cookies from your device via your browser, we will no longer hold information about your setting preferences and will have to ask you to set your preferences again the next time you visit our website. This also applies when you use a new browser or device. The settings are managed at the sole responsibility of the browsers, and we cannot guarantee that they will function properly.


Further information about settings according to purpose:

Browser settings are often inadequate. You can refine your settings further if you wish by targeting the purpose of the cookie:

  • For audience and performance measuring: audience measuring and performance cookies are deposited by third-party companies, but they help us to improve our website and make it user-friendly.

  • This link takes you to a page providing you with more information about these solutions and a system for refusing the audience monitoring tracers:


We would remind you, however, that clearing these cookies deprives us of important statistical information necessary for improving our website and personalising them according to your profile and interests.


  • For advertising: our website has no advertising spaces. This means that information collected is essentially used to offer you suitable adverts on third-party sites visited by you, based on information collected via the audience measuring tools listed previously (the tools used are the same for both purposes).

Alongside this, a number of advertising professional platforms give you the option of refusing or accepting cookies used by member companies. These centralised mechanisms do not block the display of adverts, and only prevent the installation of cookies for adapting adverts to your areas of interest. For example, you can go to the Your Online Choices site and prohibit the installation of these cookies on your device. This site is provided by digital advertising professionals belonging to the EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and is managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France. However, we cannot guarantee that this tool will be totally effective or work smoothly, as it is dependent on the participation of advertising stakeholders in the system.


  • For social networks: the website has buttons to redirect you to our social network pages. If you have an account with these social networks, they can also follow your browsing activity on our site. To find out more about how these networks use the tracers and how you can configure your account, please click on the following links:


  • We might also offer you connection services proposed by social networks and certain Internet players (e.g. Facebook connect, Google connect and Apple Connect) to facilitate registration and purchasing. The use of this functionality is at your discretion and, if you already use these services, enables you to register on our site without having to re-enter your personal information, by giving us permission to access this information. For further information about information-sharing and using these tools, please click on the following links:


Finally, we would like to inform you that a number of different programmes are available to add to your browser, enabling you to block and manage all types of tracer, including Abine and Ghostery.


For further information about cookie management and collection, you can also go to the CNIL – Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés website and click on “Cookies: tools for managing them