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What’s the best way to prepare for the ski season?

The cold weather’s back and we’re all frantically checking our favourite resorts’ webcams. There’s no doubt about it, the ski season is nearly here! To enjoy every last bit, get yourself ready so there’s no chance of injury or getting tired out after your first 3 runs. The goal this season is to ski in every Ski à la Carte resort!

So, put your sports gear on and try out this 5-step physical training plan to get into the best possible shape for skiing.

1/ Plan ahead

First step: set aside little blocks of between 10 and 30 minutes. To keep your motivation going as the weeks progress, invite friends and other family members to follow the same training plan. 

2/ Strengthen your muscles

Skiing is a full-body workout, so we’re going to work every part of the body. 

After a bit of warming up, do some muscle strengthening exercises in the form of circuit training. 

Repeat this circuit 3 times:

  • 30 seconds of mountain climbers + 15 second recovery
  • 30 seconds of jumping jacks + 15 second recovery
  • 15 press-ups with knees on the ground + 30 second recovery
  • 20 squats + 20 second recovery
  • 1 minute of plank + 20 second recovery
  • 20 lunges + 30 second recovery
  • 10 calf raises + 20 second recovery

When this circuit gets too easy, increase the duration of the exercises without changing your recovery time. You can also find a number of online training plans that will be useful for personalising your workout and adapting to your fitness level. 

3/ Work on your endurance

Experts recommend combining muscle strengthening sessions with cardio: running, cycling, rollerblading or swimming. It’s not a matter of pushing your heart rate to the max, it’s much more about stamina and duration. If you can hold a conversation at the same time as the activity, you’re moving at the right pace.

4/ Spend time on flexibility

Do some stretching alongside these exercises. Ideally in the morning when you wake up, or at a specific time every day, but to optimise efficiency, not at the same time as the physical exercises. Yoga is a very good alternative if that feels more appealing.

5 / Eat properly

It goes without saying, get lots of vitamins and protein etc. 

But importantly, make your own gourmet snacks to keep your energy levels up all day! Delicious and easy to make, we love this recipe for energy balls with cacao and almonds.


  • 60g of almonds
  • 70g of cashew nuts
  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa
  • 8 dates

Mix the cashew nuts, almonds and dates in a blender.

Add the cocoa, combine it, then add 2 tablespoons of water. Mix it all together

Take a little of the dough and make a ball with your hands, then repeat.

Then all you have to do is chill them in the fridge for a few hours before digging in when you’re on the chair lift!

It’s important to stay hydrated to keep your muscles and brain working properly, so make sure you take a bottle of water with you.

Still there?

Here are a few tips to share because proper preparation for the season also means: 

  • Perfecting your tricks

Freestyle experts should visit their nearest foam pit to test out their new tricks for the season. It’s the best way to practise rotations or upside-down flips before the snowparks open.

  • Shopping 

The shops are brimming with new skiwear, including that incredible Gore-Tex outfit that’s been catching your eye for some time now. Why not go and try it on?

You can also visit one of the many ski exchanges to take home a pair at a bargain price. As well as being a good deal, buying second-hand is better for the planet! 

  • Prepare your equipment

Waxing, sharpening, adjusting the bindings,… Why not spend the time now preparing your equipment so it’s a pleasure to use from your very first day you hit the slopes? 

  • Have some ski-themed fun

Have you already ticked all the preparation boxes? Then you can afford to have some fun while you wait patiently for the ski areas to open.

Idea n°1: Compete to see who can unfold and refold a ski run map the fastest, while wearing mittens.

Idea n°2: Make your own Trivial Pursuit cards with questions about your favourite resort. “Which ski lift provides access to the Serpentine run in the Grand Massif?” “In which resort is the Critérium de la Première Neige held every year?”, “What is Paradiski’s highest point?”

Now all you have to do is pack your bag, apply some sun cream and pull on your gloves. See you soon on the slopes! 

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