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What type of skier are you?

Do you prefer lie-ins and gazing at the scenery to being first on the chair lift? There are lots of different approaches to skiing, depending on your ability and preferences. Why not find out what kind of skier you are by doing this little quiz?

  • Autumn is about:

a/ Forest walks and homemade apple crumble
b/ Holidays in the sun
c/ The High Five festival
d/ Meticulous ski preparation and a new pair of thermoformed ski boots

  • My favourite kind of run is: 

a/ Lit up, with bowling pins at the end to knock down and get a strike!
b/ The runway at Hawaii airport
c/ Not a run at all, I only do freeride and ski touring 
d/ Perfectly groomed so I can carve until the sides of my boots touch the snow

  • In a conversation about chair lifts, you’re most likely to say: 

a/ What’s a chair lift again?
b/ Something about the little restaurant you’re going to for lunch 
c/ There’s a really tough line visible on the North side of it 
d/ Sharpening my ski edges to an angle of 88° or 89°makes all the difference.

  • My goal in any ski day: 

a/ To get back safe and sound
b/ To get panda eyes and make all my colleagues back at the office jealous
c/ A 360, a backflip and a jump off a rocky outcrop
d/ To smash my record on the slalom and save my performance on Strava

  • A day of bad weather means:

a/ Rain making the city look dreary
b/ An excuse for making a raclette… not forgetting the selection of cured meats and Savoie wine!
c/ Fresh snow in the resort, therefore a chance to get out my backcountry skis
d/ Following the blue lines to stay on course like a World Cup competitor. 

  • Learning to ski is:

a/ A task I’m always putting off
b/ Memories, sharing and a great time 
c/ With my parents, such a distant memory I can’t remember 
d/ A top coach who’s trained major champions

  • The best partner for a day of skiing:

a/ My Tinder date. We don’t get much skiing done but we get to know each other
b/ A group of friends to liven up the slopeside restaurant terraces
c/ A friend who knows all the secret spots where you’ll find untouched powder snow every time
c/ An instructor who shares their tips to help me improve

  •  The perfect skiing outfit is:

a/ A really trendy down jacket for looking fashionable around the resort
b/ Colourful and comfortable with a special pocket for sunglasses
c/ A Pro Gore-Tex outfit and a rucksack for safety equipment
d/ Technical, waterproof and breathable 

  • What does the acronym D.V.A mean to you: 

a/ Digital video and audio? 
b/ It’s the name of a Czech electro-acoustic band
c/ Avalanche victim detector. An essential part of my off-piste ski outings
d/ Dynamism, velocity, agility. The qualities of a skier.

  • A glacier is:

a/ Somewhere to visit on your next trip to Iceland
b/ Someone who sells ice cream 
c/ Something that’s melting at an alarming rate
d/ A training zone for summer skiing

  • The worst thing that could happen on a ski day is:

a/ Getting wet gloves from falling over in the snow
b/ The sunny terrace we’re heading to for lunch being unexpectedly closed 
c/ Leaving my rucksack containing my DVA, shovel and beacon at home, which means no off-piste skiing even though there’s excellent snow
d/ Having chosen the wrong kind of ski wax when preparing my equipment, so feeling as though I’m not getting anywhere

  • A night in the resort means:

a/ Sleeping in an igloo after enjoying a delicious mushroom fondue
b/ Après-ski partying until the early hours
c/ A trip to the pub to hear all the local freeride ski legend’s stories
d/ Analysing the day’s performance and preparing for the next day

Have you answered all the questions? Let’s find out the results. 

You answered mostly a

You’re not familiar with skiing but if you’re here, you must like it.
A few more ski lessons and you’ll feel confident across the ski area. Stay motivated and enjoy yourself!

You answered mostly b

Enjoy life is your mantra.
Have fun and savour every minute. For you, skiing means having a great time together, beautiful landscapes and sunny lunchtime terraces. Not forgetting the crazy après-ski! 

You answered mostly c

Your ski tips are pointed towards adventure, on a quest for wide open space.
You love skiing through forests and tricky corridors, leaving your tracks on the groomed slopes while enjoying the comfort of the chair lift. You love skiing in any conditions and enjoy being able to change ski areas regularly.

You answered mostly d

Skiing is all about performance for you.
You love speed and thrills. You know everything there is to know about equipment, you’re excited about skiing and have already taken part in competitions to give yourself a challenge. Why not take the time to encourage a beginner along?