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So, you think you know Val d’Isère?

Think you know all there is to know about Val d’isère and its ski area?
This quiz will see about that! To answer some of the questions you’ll need to be as sharp as a turn on the Face de Bellevarde. Reckon you’re up for it?

1. In what year did Val d’Isère’s first hotel open?
2. How many intact pyramids can you see from the Pyramids run?
3. How many ski lifts are there on the Tignes / Val d’Isère ski area?
4. Which mountain pass, located at 2,770 metres, is also a legendary stage of the Route des Grandes Alpes?
5. Which of these champions is from Val d’Isère?
6. In what year did the first Critérium de la Première Neige take place in Val d’Isère?
7. What is Val d’Isère’s legendary run called?
8. What does lauze refer to when talking about the chalets in Val d’Isère?
9. What is an Avalin?
10. What altitude is the village of Val d’Isère?


Scored less than 3 points? You weren’t controlling your slips very well there were you?! Get your skis ready, Val d’Isère and its ski area await you to brush up on your knowledge. 

Scored between 4 and 7 points? Not bad at all! We suggest you get back to the resort’s slopes though to fine-tune your skills! 

Scored between 8 and 10 points? Congratulations! You’re a budding Val d’Isère ambassador! We’re counting on you to recommend Val d’Isère and its ski area to your friends.