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So, you think you know the Grand Massif ski area?

If you love the Grand Massif, you’ll love our quiz!
Whilst its main focus is skiing, you’ll need a good dose of general knowledge to get full marks. Are you sure you know everything there is to know about the runs and resorts of the Grand Massif?

1. How many resorts make up the Grand Massif ski area?
2. How many ski lifts are there on the Grand Massif ski area?
3. Which desert can you see on the Grand Massif ski area?
4. What is the highest point of the Grand Massif ski area?
5. Which of these champions is from the Grand Massif?
6. The Combe de Gers is one of the most beautiful freeride zones on the ski area. What is its vertical drop?
7. The first ski lift was installed in Les Carroz, but what was the year?
8. The village of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval is a beautiful natural site. How much of its territory is designated as a Nature Reserve?
9. Flaine’s architecture, some of which is listed as French Historical Monuments, never fails to make an impression. Which architect designed it?
10. How many fun zones are there on the Grand Massif ski area?


Scored less than 3 points? I think you went a little off-piste there… Come back and ski in the Grand Massif resorts soon if you want to get back on track! 

Scored between 4 and 7 points? Well played! You’ve proved that you know your stuff when it comes to the Grand Massif. How do you fancy coming back to challenge your family and friends?

Scored between 8 and 10 points? You deserve a big round of applause because it really wasn’t easy! You seem ready to become a destination ambassador. What do you think, can we count on you?